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Door Guard Alarm w/ Flashlight

The DOOR GUARD ALARM is a very versatile shock sensor alarm. Ideal for home, office, …

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Door Stop Alarm

Use the SUPER DOOR STOP ALARM as an entry alarm and to block a door …

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Driveway Alarm

Once movement is detected the alarm will turn on. The Driveway Alarm also has a …

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Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

This multifunctional BARKING DOG ALARM system uses an electronic radar-wave sense control. This technology allows …

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Glass Breakage Alarm

The GLASS BREAKAGE ALARM is an effective low cost vibration alarm that can be used …

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Magnet Door Alarm

This compact, attractive MAGNETIC DOOR ALARM uses magnetic affinity to initiate its 110 decibel siren. …

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Magnetic Door Alarm

This compact, attractive MAGNETIC DOOR ALARM by Safe Family Life uses magnetic affinity to initiate …

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Motion Detector w/ Security Alarm

The MOTION ALERT ALARM passive infrared system detects motion in any selected area. It mounts …

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TeleSpy 2

The TELESPY™ INTRUDER ALERT is a clever and reliable combination of a telephone, a motion …

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Voice Alert System

VOICE ALERT SYSTEM-6 is a new annunciator system featuring wireless PIR (passive Infra-red motion detector) …

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