You Are a Dummy For Not Using a Dummy Camera

The world is becoming a much more risky place to live in with every passing day. Increased security breaches, crimes, and terror attacks are common news nowadays. This situation demands increased and improved security measures for the security of our near and dear ones. However, setting up a security mechanism is a costly affair, and people tend to look out for alternatives which can do the job.

The dummy CCTV camera is not a real working camera; in fact, it is a replica copy which actually looks like a real working camera. A dummy camera cannot capture any event or happenings of the premises and does not have provisions to record any footage. However, these cameras act as a deterrent to security breaches and have a number of benefits in the overall management of the premises. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.

  • Difficulties in identifying the dummies – To scare off the criminals and vandals who invade the private space, dummy cameras are a very useful remedy. It is much better than no cameras, and most of the intruders fall into this trap because they are unable to differentiate between the real camera and a fake camera. Therefore, in certain situations, it would be a wise move to install such spy


  • Discourage the intruders – In today’s world, an increased amount of effort is required to fight crime and prevent criminals from committing any offense. It is essential that people who are vulnerable protect themselves as prevention measures are always better than cure. In order to achieve this, they need to take various precautions and security measures.


One of the most cost-effective ways to set up a security mechanism is to install a dummy camera. Criminals have a habit of surveying the place which they plan to intrude, and if they observe that there are cameras installed in the premises, they would definitely be discouraged. Thus, the innocent are protected from these evil minds with the help of an intelligent and cost-effective technique.



  • For extending the current surveillance network – For a highly vulnerable place which already has a surveillance network established, extending the existing CCTV camera network might be a good idea, but such an initiative would mean added costs.


Therefore, the best idea would be to incorporate few dummy cameras within the existing surveillance network. This would ensure that the people within the premise as well as trespassers are aware that they are being monitored closely, but at the same time, the owners would be able to save a certain amount of money by this initiative. The high-security areas should have real cameras installed whereas certain other places within the premise can have dummy cameras.


  • The Increase in productivity – One of the critical reasons resulting in loss of revenue of a business is decreased productivity. Also, it is impossible for the owners or the managers to look at each and every activity and monitor each and every individual, let alone measure the productivity of all the employees.


Therefore, by installing dummy cameras, the owners would be able to send a message to the workers that they are being monitored and should be on their toes for optimum productivity. This also ensures that the workers are more conscious and come up with high-quality deliverables.



  • When one is relatively secure and cannot afford a real camera – When you have relatively safer surroundings and no major threat of being attacked or burglarized, then you can just install dummy cameras in the premises as a precautionary measure.


These cameras serve a dual purpose. They drive away the intruders which include thieves, burglars, and hardcore criminals who may even use guns and bullets. These cameras also make the workers work more efficiently and effectively and avoid any malpractices as they know that they are being watched. These cameras also save a lot of money as compared to installing real High Quality IR cameras.


In today’s world, installation of Dummy Cameras across the office premises, warehouses, factories and even at homes is very popular and a widely accepted alternative. They provide a feeling of being secured at a very low price as compared to their original counterparts. Also, they do not require any investment or workforce for their maintenance or for analyzing the footage. This is definitely a worthy investment to ensure the safety of your beloved ones.

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